Prepper Water Storage

Water is the one supply you definitely can’t live without for very long. Above all else, you have to be prepared for a good water supply that will keep you and your family alive for days, weeks and months.

The problem with water is that it’s heavy. It’s not the most portable item to carry around, considering that each person should have a minimum of one gallon per day to use. But aside from carrying a small amount, there are ways you can prepare for better water stores in the event of a crisis or disaster.

Water survival is important because water supplies can become interrupted if there’s a lack of electricity, if a terror attack on our water supplies takes place, or if you’re forced to head out to an area like the woods where you can’t just walk over to a sink when you’re thirsty.

Short term water supplies can be met with water bottles, filters, and water purification tablets. But if you’re prepared to bug out to an area other than your home, make sure you scout out water locations (like a stream or river) ahead of time so that you don’t run the risk of running out.

There are some cool products on the market for short-term water storage. These include portable options like water bricks (which can actually be used for more than water), water socks, and even backpacks with built in hydration packs.

Long-term water storage is important to plan for. Not only do you and your family need water to survive, but you’ll need it for your crops and animals as well as for cleaning and maintaining proper hygiene.

You can invest in water storage tanks that are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Both should be BPA-free for safety reasons, and if they’re exposed to light, then they should have UV inhibitors in it so that your water isn’t broken down from the light source.

You can get rainwater storage for the crops, and create a sort of irrigation system to water your food without you having to turn on a hose and use a sprinkler for this purpose. Rainwater can even be used as drinking water, provided it’s properly cleansed and no contaminates have gotten into your barrel.

Water stores have to be rotated out just like food – it won’t keep forever. Make sure you label the dates on your water containers. Tap water will keep for about half a year. Always check the water first no matter what to ensure it looks clean. Rotate properly stored water once a year.

Make sure your containers keep out light and have a strong seal. In an emergency situation, there are water bladders where you can safely fill up your bathtub with a lot of water in a sealed, plastic container.

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